Wednesday, 1 January 2014

You can do it!

I was thinking earlier about Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. I mean, what does the knowledge of good and bad actually entail? And besides for that lets back up for a second. God can do anything in the world. Why does he choose to use a tree? What does this symbolize? God could have commanded Adam not to leave the garden. That seems quite reasonable. What does the tree mean? So I asked my papa and he said that the whole reason was so Adam understood the order of things. God was saying "Yeah, life is great, go ahead have fun. But you are accountable to me." But that didn't answer my question so I asked my father. He told me that Rashi, Ramban, Rambam, sforno, chazal, all these amazing commentators tried answer the question of the creation of the universe. He told me that they had issues with it and it is said that someone who focuses too much on the creation does not have a good time, per se. It is not good for them quote unquote. And that frustrated me. He told me that all these commentators are so amazing and they didn't get it so I shouldn't expect to get it either. That goes against everything our religion believes in. When Abraham was talking to God and God told him he would have children and he did not believe him, God told Abraham to count the stars and you know what, he actually tried. I don't know if this is just him being naive or commendable. He imbued within himself and into us the idea of going beyond the impossible. We can do whatever we set our minds too. My father told me I should not even try to explain the miracle of creation, that it was too difficult. But that is wrong. It may technically be impossible, but I can still accomplish it because I am a Jew. If I work towards it and do my hishdatlut, God will help me. You wouldn't think that anyone could go against God's ruling. Especially Abraham. Abraham was loyal like a golden retriever, but we Jews fight for what we believe in. When Abraham heard the city of the sodom was going to be destroyed, He fought with God. he asked if there were 40 righteous people in the city will you save it, if there are 30 righteous people, will you save it? And he kept on going, he tried. He fought against God! He did the impossible and lived to tell about it. That is the greatness of the Jew. We have the capability to do whatever we set our mind to. Do not believe anyone who tells you we can't accomplish. Israel, a country that was made less than a century ago, is now the leading nation in startup companies. We are the only democracy in a region filled of War, death, and hate. We won a war in 6 days and 5 hours. We have revolutionized the computer industry. Technology would have never been the same without us. The field of medicine is florishing because of Jewish doctors who put in their time and energy into life saving procedures, experiments and ideas. The Israeli military is full of 18 year old boys, just out of high school. They're immature, they're untrained, and yet they are successful. They are able to save so many people's lives against terrorism everyday. Jews all around the world are the best business men, the best politicians, the best journalists. They excel in every category they are entered in, every category possible. So never listen to someone who says that you cannot do something. Only God can make that judgment, God, and you. You need to work towards the things you want. No one else will for you. But if you put in the hard work you can accomplish the impossible.

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