Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Letters from me to myself

The following is a letter I wrote to myself from the Kotel (Western Wall in Jerusalem). It arrived in the mail this morning:

"Let me remind you of something important that you better not forget! August 12th, midnight, you were at the  Kotel. And people were crying and laughing, and you- of course- were emotional. The Kotel is an emotional place. But the question is.... Why?
People cry and laugh because they realize how much we have accomplished. We have Israel! Not only HaAretz (The land), we have Jerusalem! But not only that! We have the Kotel!!!! And this is so exciting and we're so grateful, Thank You Hashem, SO much for all the berachos (blessings) in our life! Our ancestors fought so hard for what we have right now!
So we laugh and we cry and we don't even know what we should be crying about.
And that begs the question, what should we be crying about? Our failed relationships? Embarrassing moments, illness, spilled milk?
YES!!! We should!
ALL-  and I mean every single thing reminds us that we are still in exile!
But what do you mean? We have the Kotel! I have to ask, where's the Beit HaMikdash? Because all I see is some ugly gold thing defacing our holy spot, the spot where Yitzchak was purified as a korban (sacrifice). We're so close, and we stop to reflect what we have and we forget what we still need to accomplish!
All of your mitzvot (good deeds) bring Am Yisroel (the Jewish nation), one step closer to Moshiach (The messiah)! One little thing can change the world. 
So love everything Hashem created- even yourself- and remember Hashem is always there for you! There is ALWAYS a reason, you may just not see it!
P.S. You better be working on getting back or I'll be ashamed!


For those who are curious, I am working on returning to my home.