Sunday, 15 September 2013

The beginning

I'm so sorry! I promised a lot of people in real life that I would post interesting stories and information while in Israel. I have been here about 2 weeks and have not yet posted anything about my trip.
So as breif of a summary as I can give:
The Plane Ride, Dun dun dun dun!!!
Let me start off with explaining my dilhemma. I'm pretrefied of heights. Flying therefore, is a little scary for me. A plane packed with Chassidim didn't help.
I was sitting on the back of the plane, thats just how it turned out. Also, turns out that this is the spot where they decide to daven. And there was slichos.
Whenever they would pass me, I had to lean to the woman who was sitting next to me. Why? Because I learned after the first time that if I wouldn't they would brush against my shoulder and I would be able to feel their butt cheeks. I wasn't very comfortable. That is the closest I have ever and hopefully will ever get to a chassid.
Fast forward: I have two roommates. The room is decent. Food is slightly less decent.
The Wedding: My cousin, an israeli actress, got married.
It was to say the least, gorgeous. I met all these famous people and even the Mayor of Jerusalem.
My great aunt didn't know one of my cousins who were in from America and thought he was my date. It was quite embarrassing for the both of us.
Rosh Hashana was nice. I was the first one to shul and the only one for a few hours. Everyday. I was even there before some of the Rabbis, which, honestly, I think my Papa should be proud of.

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